Of Life and Death as We Know it

The Planet is a living being like we are. We are a living part of the planet, like cells are a living part of us. Cells die and we go on, just as humans die and the planet goes on. Life and death are part of the breath of existence… A never ending cycle. What makes all of this, anything but meaningless, then? The answer is simple: it’s how we live and how we love.

The meaning of life is not living more… But rather loving more. Death is all around us. When a cow dies at the slaughterhouse it’s meaningless. When a mosquito dies on a windshield, it’s meaningless… But when a loved one dies, it’s tragic. Why?.. Because of love. Love makes the difference, not life.

May the presence of death teach us to live more in a state of love, and we won’t fear death. Fear is the opposite of love. Without love, life is meaningless… Without fear, death is meaningless.


Author: Miguel Queiroz

2 thoughts on “Of Life and Death as We Know it

    1. Completamente e mais além. O amor é o que torna o espírito imortal e o leva pra junto do “Todo” ou “Pai”. É pelo amor não só que ficamos na memória dos outros mas que também progredimos para além do constante ciclo de reencarnações, e nos juntamos ao amor puro: Deus.

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