Minds Over Matters is a personal Blog where I publish articles and essays about several different subjects, mainly of -but not limited to – my own interest. My aim is for this website to work as an objective and unbiased source of information and knowledge, which I will share here as a result of personal research and critical thinking. As much as possible I will avoid tainting the objectiveness of its content, with personal tastes, preferences or ideologies. Even in articles of opinion, I will always strive to stick to intellectual honesty and open minded skepticism.

At a time where public opinion seems to be so drawn to extremes and where primary emotions and personal allegiances seem to weigh more on opinions, than logic or critical thinking… I thought it was important to provide a source that, albeit not working as a polygraph (no one owns the truth), strives to provide deep reflections, extensive research and most of all, detached honesty.

– Miguel Queiroz –